Thursday, April 29, 2010

the only exception

Today I decided that I do not wish to attend graduate school alone.

I also decided that either:

a. my French professor forgot about my plan to take an extra year to graduate and the fact that I always fell asleep in his class, actually does like me, and was merciful


b. I rocked my oral final

because I got an A- in that class (French civ)! Yeah!

I know right, A- is not something I would normally brag about (unless it was in o chem...) but this was the [uncurved] class where I turned in my second midterm a day late because I was in San Fran and ended up getting minus 10% on my already not particularly good score. I was expecting a B at best, let's just put it that way.

I also decided that apparently I should've been an English major, because I am much better at verbal reasoning on the MCAT* than on the physical sciences section. Ridiculous. Why I am so drawn to a subject that seems so determined to kill me I will never understand.**

Oh, and I also decided that maybe it would be sort of fun/seemingly good idea/potentially horrible idea, I don't know, to take a computer programming class. Not next semester, because somehow I'm already up to my neck in credit hours, but maybe next winter or sometime next next year.

*Not that I'm applying to med boyfriend is. Sometimes we do verbal reasoning practice tests together, because we are just so darn cool like that. And a little nerdy.

**Not that I would ever change my major, nor have I ever regretted choosing it in the first place...except maybe once when I woke up at 5:00 AM in the Benson and had rehearsal at 8:00.


Alena Kelly said...

A little nerdy? :)

kylie said...

1. going to my future alone does not float my boat, either
2. i (an english major) have never stayed in the jfsb later than 11 pm. and have never come earlier than 7. just sayin. it's not a bad major...hehehe