Monday, April 12, 2010

Ok, so I'm in on the craze...

I sort of am in love with the idea of cupcakes.
And Martha Stewart has a book chock full of recipes to make them (I sort of love her recipes).

So I have an idea:
I buy said cupcake book used off of Amazon, make a different cupcake recipe every Sunday, invite people over to eat them and watch "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Good plan, yeah?

Except I'm moving home in two weeks.
And I know my family would love the idea of cupcakes every Sunday, but my friends would probably not love the idea of driving 20 minutes every Sunday to eat them.


On a happy, bragging note, I currently have the highest score in my chem lit class (the miserable one that forces me to do all nighters several times a week) on our 15+ page review paper!!! How this happened, I'm still trying to figure out, as I've been at most semi-coherent while writing it at 4 AM. That's okay, I'll take what I can get.

Here's to two more days of class! Good luck all you college friends finishing up finals and everything!


Suzy said...

ha, thanks, katya, I'll need it. I just got up to start writing a 5-pager (paper) that's due at noon today/tomorrow/Monday. We must be friends. :)

congrats on the chem lit class grade!!!!

Jody said...

good job, katie! you are almost done with finals! you can do it!

so i'm kind of up for a cupcake/avatar watching sunday.

...just so you know...

and hey, i'm just up the street. and hey, kim's just up the other street.

just sayin'.

haha! loves!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh!! i will split the cost with you cause i really want to participate and i definitely need to caught up on Avatar before the movie!!

Diane said...

yum are worth driving 20 minutes to spend time with!

Ashlan said...

Ah, I would drive twenty minutes to eat cupcakes! I've been CRAVING cupcakes for weeks now! In fact, I think I 'll buy a cheap package at the grocery store today. :P
Good luck with finals and awesome job on your paper! :)