Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Surprises of all surprises...
I got A's in both American Christianity and French Lit!

In fact, I got A's in every class except physics (A-) and my favorite class, quantum mechanics (B+), making my Fall '09 semester my third best gpa yet.

Universe, I know you keep telling me to major in French but guess what. You can't make me.
And I am going to rock my second half of physical chemistry class because guess what else. It is my subject of research, and I am not going down without a fight.

So there! :P

(You know what's uber depressing though? I already have homework I could be doing for both my quantum mechanics lab and my thermodynamics class...what the heck?? Where did my break go??) Edit/Confession: I've been working on my thermo homework while waiting for an experiment to go through, and I've sort of been enjoying myself. Nerd I am indeed.


brown eyed girl said...

jealous of that A in American Christianity (blast Professor F). :) Congrats though!

I had a surprise A (instead of A-) in my Mass Comms class, and I was ecstatic about that.

Good work, Katie Dear :)

amanda and dave said...

hey, dave took thermo, you smarty. What kind is it? I'm impressed. Very nice grades!

Diane said...

way to go Katie girl!

Jen said...

Linda gave me an A- and I'm pretty sure it's out of spite (it's a really good thing I'm done with ballroom because after my falling out with Natalie, Linda and Lee irrationally hate me).

So tell me, I'm taking Fluhman's class next hard is it to get an A in that class?

And don't worry, I've been studying Spanish and getting ahead in my women's lit reading during the break. Being a nerd is the best, besides, it attracts the best kind of men!

kylie said...

pretty sure you're the smartest person i know. congrats. :)

Jody Lynn said...

ahhhh yay! congrats on the grades. it seems like a lot of people i know did very well this semester. :)

avatar tonight! woo!