Friday, December 11, 2009

life, the universe, and everything

It is freezing, biting, negative kelvin (ha) degree days like today that make me wish I could live in this world instead:


Flowers through the window
lavender and yellow

changed by white curtains –
Smell of cleanliness –

Sunshine of late afternoon –
On the glass tray

a glass pitcher, the tumbler
turned down, by which

a key is lying – And the
immaculate white bed

Dear William Carlos Williams,
I kind of (mmm litote) heart your poetry.

Dear Universe,
Please don't kill me next week (I'm talking to you, p chem and physics finals).

1 comment:

kylie said...

katie, wow, i actually like that poem, and i'm a poem hater! :)
good luck with finals!
and for real, let's go see robert and jude during the break.