Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Adam

You know what is particularly awesome about Christmas break?

Random free concerts with friends.

Working in the lab whenever and for however long you want.

Playing Rock Band (of course).

Going shopping and finding jeans that fit...finally!

Reading a book until 1:00 am just because you absolutely had to finish it in one sitting (The Hunger Games...oh my greatness...I adored it).

Being home. And not having to do anything.

*Cue random photo from last summer's trip to San Fran with the fam. Aren't we cute?


Amy said...

Okay, I did the same thing with Hunger Games during the summer. Now since you have finished it its time to move on to the second one. I promise that it will be the same experience for you!!! Oh I love Hunger Games!!!!!

amanda and dave said...

hunger game, huh? I'll have to read it! such a cute picture. Sounds like such a fun break! Jeans....what jeans??

Shields Word said...

Less textbook reading and more passionate reading. No series for me right now, considering I stayed up late to finish The Giver and now I am anxious to start Galileo's Daughter. You have me curious about the Hunger Games! I have to wait till the series is finished because otherwise it will drive me NUTS~! I did not read ANY Harry Potter books until the final book was released.