Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in the pages

I have goals for Christmas break so that I do not waste my time. They range from the very silly to the very serious:

Play guitar on Rock Band on expert. On every song.
Watch every episode of Avatar with ballroom people.
Read "Uncertainty".
Read my book for my chemistry girls book club, "Land of the Green Plums".
Memorize the "Ice Ice Baby" rap (yeah CJ!)
Research grad schools.
See "Sherlock Holmes" and "(500) Days of Summer" (again).
Start running SnO2.

What are you doing over your break?


Jen said...

1. Kissing Jansen. A lot.
2. Learning to snowboard.
3. Humanities 201 on independent study, because I somehow never took this?!
4. Studying spanish verbs in anticipation of next semester's 105/106 madness.
5. Marveling at your intriguing (and mildly frightening) header.

amanda and dave said...

have fun rock band! I love that goal and game. call us if you ever want to feel super superior :)

1. do nothing
2. sew
3. read
4. watch a lot of t.v. hehe

kylie said...

good goals, katie! have a great break. i have only one goal for the break right now:
1. go see sherlock holmes.

Alena said...

1. Straight-up LOVE Avatar (we're talking the last airbender, right?)!!
Sean and I are half-way through our SECOND time watching the whole thing!

2. Definitely going to get my read on for the chemistry girls book club.

3. Watch SHERLOCK HOLMES! So excited. Sean is a big Holmes fan so I'll probably be getting an earful every four minutes... (Sherlock isn't like that at all.. Watson doesn't do that... blaah bllahh blah) Anywho, I'm excited!

3. And of course, do mostly nothing! :)

Annnnnd I hope you have a great, great break!

brown eyed girl said...

1. Work on my Advertising Application.
2. Practice myself. in my kitchen
3. Eat home-cooked food.
4. Sleep.

:-)Hopefully do something fun.