Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our host family is awesome, and this is why:

"They're really fun, sweet kids...who just happen to be in gangs."
-our host mom, who has the biggest heart in the world

In Australian accent:

"Changing lanes is like an extreme sport here."

"I teach the Sunbeams and they get these crazy ideas. Awhile back they decided that Jesus's surname was Price. 'Jesus Price!' they'd say to me. I had to set them all straight before their parents found out and got me thrown out."

-lady from Tazmania who had dinner with us


amanda and dave said...


Kimkidoni said...

Ha ha! That tickled my fancy.

kylie said...

hehe, that reminds me of my london ward a little bit.
also, YES PLEASE to india palace. i love that place. when you get back from sunny california, we need to plan a time to really go.