Thursday, October 15, 2009

crack the shutters

This website is really funny. I saw it on Amanda's facebook, and it made me laugh out loud in the dressing room earlier.

We're in Lancaster, CA right now. It's finally sunny! It rained all yesterday and the day before (perhaps misted is a better word). We got to explore Downtown Disney yesterday, without actually entering the theme park. This was rather depressing and led to us deciding to do a weekend roadtrip to Disneyland next semester. Instead of riding rides, we ran around the little shops, settling on the Lego store to spend most of our time. Becky, Ryan, Jared, Daniel, and I built an Egyptian pyramid, and then an obelisk, and then a reflecting pool, and then a sphinx. It was awesome. That night we performed on an extremely small stage in a theater without air conditioning. We were swwweeeeeaaaatttttyyyy.
This morning we went to Santa Monica. Some people went to the pier. I did not because it's a one time only experience, and I believe I am at least twice past that quota. Instead, Toffer, Ian, and I headed to the 3rd Street Promenade for some rad shopping. I think I just might start a blog series about jean shopping, I have done it so much lately (and I'm pretty much desperate for some good fitting jeans. If you have any brand suggestions for girls whose jeans are always too tight in the hips and too loose in the waist, let me know).

Tonight we're performing in an awesome venue. Another performance in Oxnard tomorrow, a matinee in Long Beach on Saturday (my cousin Nick and grandma are coming! I'm really excited to see them!), and we are on our way back.

So I have two more days to prepare to take three tests when I get home.

Maybe I will drop out of college and become a stage crew member instead.

Just kidding.

Sort of.


Jody Lynn said...

Katie! It sounds like you're having a blast in California! Awesome!

I believe we have the same problem with jean shopping and I must inform you that I found the most fabulous pair of jeans at the gap a month ago. I absolutely love these jeans and want another pair so badly. Maybe they'll work for you also...they're kind of pricy though. not sure if that's what you're seeking for. But, we can talk more about this later.

I love you!

amanda and dave said...

dude, I'm desperate as well, but maybe not willing to pay, so it's a retarded situation. I am glad you're having fun! haha, why is it a one time only experience? ah, it sounds so perfect there.

wasn't that website great? I was dying. I love you!

brown eyed girl said...

I have family in Lancaster! :) that's awesome. And yeah, I'd agree that the Santa Monica Pier is probably a one time thing. Maybe I would have loved it more if:
a) the street performer's CD was not ridiculously over-priced.
b) I wasn't all wet wearing kellie's sweats and feeling sandy, not in the good way.
c) I actually cared about buying pier souvenirs.

Lol. Miss you. See you Sunday :)

Ash said...

I'm not exactly sure what you mean as far as those jean specifications, but I have to say that I don't think you and I are too different in body shapes, and I absolutely love the Buckle. You usually have to spend about $100, but they'll be the most amazing pants you ever tried on in your life, and they'll last you an eternity. I still wear pairs from forever ago and you can't even tell they're worn!
I would HIGHLY reccommend Big Stars. I'm wearing a pair of their skinny jeans right now, and they SO remind me of you. I could see you wearing them. Actually, everytime I wear them, I think "These are SO Katie's jeans!" Only, I'm wearing them. ;) haha.
Sorry, I'm bored at work. But I just have to say, we should take a trip to Buckle.
I also like Meks. But I'm not sure if they'd QUITE fit your body shape or not. But most likely, they will. I think they're worth a shot!!