Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm going to go to my room and drink some dihydrogen monoxide!! So there!

I decided that I would really like to live in a condo next year.

Preferably with a washer and drier. And rent under $350/month.
And one on the south west side of campus.

I'm just kinda sick of living in crappy apartments, ya know?

Another thought: it really drives me crazy how people have stolen the tour team's lockers in the dressing room. We have the three end columns, and I always see one or two girls who are not on the tour team putting their stuff in those lockers and then sticking their own combination lock of them. What the crap? Those are not for you, honey. We need to keep our gazillion pairs of shoes in there. You're going to have to keep your clothes with you or leave them on the bench. :P

so there.


Tito said...

Good luck trying to find all that stuff in a condo for under $350...maybe, just maybe a place like that in Provo does exist...:)

Ash said...

Hey, get another crappy place like mine and you can have the washer and drying and all that.
And hey, my place isn't too bad, my roommates just don't clean. The place itself is still alright. :)