Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Colds, chemistry, and the College Board

My high school chemistry teacher Mrs. Snow swore you could talk yourself out of any sickness. She was always telling us, "You are NOT allowed to get sick and miss class! You are NOT getting a cold!" And you know what, by the end of the year, I believed her. I don't think I was ever sick.
I could feel a sore throat coming on yesterday and this morning I was whining in my head about it when all of a sudden I could hear her voice...."anyone can talk themselves out of getting sick! It's all about willpower!".....so, everyone, I. do. not. have. a. cold. :P

I miss Mrs. Snow. She was great.
In fact, I miss all of my AP teachers...

You know what job I think would be kinda fun? One of those counselors who grooms students to be accepted into Ivy League schools. It'd probably be good idea to have actually attended one though...I also think it'd be fun to be a tutor to get kids to pass AP tests. I really love the College Board, haha. They kept sending me good news in the mail. Now no one sends you an envelope showing your midterm exam score, and you don't get to be a scholar of distinction if you pass more than 5 of them (or whatever the requirement is).

Good news though: I only missed 3 questions on the multiple choice section of my latest o chem test!

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Jody Lynn said...

Good Job Katie! You rock.

P.S. You aren't sick.