Thursday, September 11, 2008


People, ask for things via blog. It totally works, even if people don't read your request.

Thanks Lance ;)


Lancealot22 said...

So I feel pretty special right now... your last three blogs have something in common- Me:) p.s. Your welcome

Cami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ash said...

Ah! Goodness. K. :P Haha. I tried yesterday to put a comment up, but I am retarded and couldn't find the button thingie. But I found it!! :) Yay!

And. Just have to say. I was going to do that. :) Except I don't have a car. :( Meh. Sad day.
Cause I owe you, so I was like, "Oh gosh! I'll take cookies and make her feel special! She wants cookies!" And my sister would have LOVED to make you cookies. :P Hahaha. After all, you are one of her heroes, and she loves making cookies anyway. :P

Yes, I am rambling. For some reason I woke up "early" and have forever before work opens, so I'm wasting my time on here. Of course.

Haha. LOVE YOU!!! :) I'm sorry it hasn't looked like it lately. :(


(PS. Sorry, that last removed comment was me too. But I was logged into my wrong account, so it said it was someone else. :P haha. And it bothered me.)

Ash said...

AH!! :) I love your blog! Where'd you get that???!!!?!?!?!?!!

Oh. And... you should post. Cause I miss reading your stuff.