Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's just been raining on my face


Come on people! If you're going to be a thief, at least steal something good!
I have this organic chemistry test on Monday, and being the organic chemistry professor's daughter and probably the only chem major in my class of 250, it's important that I do well. Plus, I want to do well, because that's just the way I am. So I took my binder with all my notes and my review sheets, not only the ones I've taken so far, but this has all of the lecture outlines for the rest of the semester to the concert hall tonight. I was studying in between numbers, working out problems, reviewing as much as I could, since I haven't had a chance to do so all week because of World of Dance. I set my binder under my notebook while I ran to dance the west coast swing, and when I came back after the show, my notebook was there, but my binder was gone. If this was a joke, my gosh, it is so not funny. I have no notes from which to study, I have no lecture outlines for the rest of the semester, I have no review sheets. GAh I am so ticked. I am sobbing. It's like everything from the past week has all built up and built up, all the nights of no sleep, early rehearsals, full days where I leave at 6:45 AM and don't get home until midnight, stress of trying to figure things out and get my homework done, try to do the best I can for these performances, and study for this FREAKING TEST AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING. ;ahoawgh'aqhi'oaqgvabvae'vhia;skhndvahsva
I was going to go see a movie tonight, but if anyone says anything in the wrong way to me I'll fall completely apart.
Like I did as soon as I got out of Toffer's car.
How embarrassing.
It's not like I've never failed a test before.


Vae Gannon said...

Hi Katya. You are one of the smartest, hardest working, and talented people that I know. Everything is going to be fine. The best thing for you would be to get a lot of sleep today.

I hope this week goes better for you:)

Jody Lynn said...

Sad day Chica. Listen to Vae Gannon...everything is going to be just fine.


Love you girl!

Ash said...

I'm sorry Katie! :( I hope your test went well (or is going well... since it's 4:10 pm Monday...). I'm sure it'll be fine. Let me know how it went, K?

Suzy said...

Katie, you can do it. I hope you found your binder and notes and that your test went well. I'm thinking about ya!