Monday, January 28, 2013

this started out as a youtube share and morphed into a full life update

I can't stop listening to these songs.

"Heartbeat" by The New Electric Sound
warning: shirtless man!
Probably because it would make a great (maybe a tad slow?) cha-cha. 


Sad that I get into the Provo music scene a year and a half after moving away from Provo. Alas!

Unrelated, but sadly funny (maybe ironic? I'm afraid to label things as ironic): the $100 iTunes giftcard I got when I bought my MacBook a year and a half ago lasted longer than the computer itself. I guess it had had enough after I fell down the stairs with it, and Aaron spilled a full cup of Crystal Light on it. RIP pretty MacBook. 
It's not the end of the world though, because Aaron doesn't really need his laptop anymore, so we stuck my harddrive in it, and now here I am, typing away!

In other news, Aaron is working in the hospital full-time now, and he is doing fantastically. He's there from 7 AM to 7 PM most days lately (weekends too, ugh), and then comes home and studies until midnight-ish. This was not an easy adjustment...but I think we're getting better at it. And by that I mean, I've stopped crying myself to sleep over feeling lonely and freaked out about how much worse residency will be. Woo! Plus, I stay longer on campus and get more done, which is good considering...

...I have my candidacy exam coming up in March, and this determines whether I will be allowed to continue pursuing my PhD. I have to write up a paper giving background on my project, explaining what I've accomplished since I started working in the lab, and telling what future plans I have for my project. I also have to put together a presentation with basically the same information, present it to a committee of 3 professors, and then field tricky questions from them. Ah. AH.

Also in March, Aaron takes his first shelf exam. Guess how much we're looking forward to that month!


Kristen said...

Won't it be a magical day when our husbands are done with school? When they're work is their only commitment and every evening and weekend isn't filled with school? I dream of this day. Sorry about your MacBook and good luck preparing for your big exam!

Sara said...

Good luck! You'll do great! Sorry about your comp and Aaron's crazy schedule!

Jody Lynn said...

i dream of days not filled with textbooks, but i know i'll somehow miss it too.

good luck with everything! i know you'll both rock it!

love ya both!

Megan Hutchings said...

I totally understand the feelings of loneliness with husband working and doing school. It has to get better someday, right?

naomi said...

I knew Scott, the front man for New Electric when he was a wee 18 year old. It's so bizarre seeing him get his shirtless casanova on now haha. Sorry you're month looks gross. If you need me to sub for nursery, for the first hour, to take some stress off, just let me know.