Sunday, January 6, 2013

i am now wondering what laser tag in philly would be like

This year, we spent Christmas with my family, and then headed down to visit Aaron's family until New Year's Eve. As always, it was so wonderful to be home!

Here's a rundown of all the excitement: We saw two movies, "The Hobbit", as blogged about previously, and "Les Mis" (which I liked, but I also fell asleep during it). We shopped, ate too much chocolate, went bowling, made lasagna almost completely from scratch twice (no sheep slaughtering to make sausage), chased Brook around the house much to her delight, watched "Pitch Perfect" which was hilarious, and went to the temple for Zach. That was really neat. Aaron's sisters and I also went to the temple the day before to do some initiatory family names while my mother-in-law was working in the initiatory, and that was also really lovely. We probably don't try hard enough to find the time to go to the temple while we're on the East Coast (though with Aaron working nearly 70 hours a week in the hospital now there's not really time to be found), so it was great to go twice while in Utah. I love the peaceful feeling there. On a less serious and significant note, we played laser tag, and I won. I'm very proud of this because there were at least 6 teenage boys playing + Aaron, so you know. I am pretty hard core right now.

Some photo proof of our adventures:

Merry Christmas! Love, the Pulsiphers in 10 years

 Miracle Bowl- It's a miracle anyone bowls here.
(just kidding, we like Miracle Bowl)

Gingerbread houses and Abby's "museum of things covered in fondant"

See's = Christmas

Aaron's family is severely addicted to Diet Coke. Even Brielle loved playing with the bottle and kept getting mad at Aaron for taking it away.

The baby whisperer

Too cute. Can't say anything else. I'm out.


amanda said...

Um, ok, between the first and last picture, you guys need some babies ASAP.

Sara said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! That's so awesome you got to go to the temple for Zach :)

Katya said...

@Amanda, seriously though, we do. ha.

@Sara, yes it was really great! A nice sense of...not closure exactly, but it was good to have something positive to look forward to at the year mark.