Sunday, November 18, 2012

at least aaron took really good care of me

This photo is for you, Amanda. :)

Today I felt like yuck all day and came home from church and threw up. This is after I've been sick with a cough all week and haven't slept through the night since last Sunday. I'm really disappointed because I was planning on making a skillet cookie + ice cream this evening to take to a party at someone's house in our branch, but alas. Vomiting has dissuaded me. 

Unrelated, but I think I'm going to be a pretty horrible pregnant person to be around. I hate feeling nauseous (well, okay, I guess no one likes feeling nauseous but I'm a little more vocal about my dislike), and I am no good at tolerating pain. This afternoon post-puking I also had a mildly throbbing headache and I just laid in bed writhing about, thinking how this was the WORST thing EVER. However, I don't think I've actually ever experienced legitimately awful pain. I've never had a migraine. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches. One time I had a root canal done without any anestesia, and that was pretty bad, but that's all I got. The worst pain I ever felt was a root canal, how pathetic is that?

I guess the point of this is I'm a complainer, and I feel bad I can't go to that party after I told the person at church that we were excited to come. Oh well. WOE IS ME.


naomi said...

we couldn't go either since Andy felt ill too but that's not what I came here to say, I came here to say WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, MAN!!!!! You should have told us in Primary you were off your game and gone home then and there! I can't believe you stuck around while you didn't feel so hot! Terrible. I'm out of town as of Tuesday, but if you fancy some food, I can bring you some tomorrow

amanda said...

First, love the picture, thanks! So classy! And second...BOO!! Throwing up is the worst and I hope you are just one of the ones that doesn't get sick web pregnant! Not everyone does so just hope that is your case. But I'm so sorry you're still sick...I hope you feel better in five minute and make cookies (skillet or not) anyway. Also the root canal thing is pretty legit, yo.

Linda Flores said...

Boo I hope you feel better soon! Meanwhile, there's Hulu...and food blogs haha