Sunday, October 14, 2012

the only thing we didn't do was get our hair braided at that sketch salon in south philly

This weekend my roommate from freshman year, Kristen, came with her husband and baby boy and stayed with us. It was a wonderfully low key weekend. They went historical sightseeing while Aaron and I worked/studied in the morning, and then I met up with them for wandering through Reading Terminal Market (and eating the best pretzels I've ever had. Miller's, everyone, you must buy a pretzel from Miller's when you are at Reading Terminal. I'm crying on the inside about all the times I've been there and not eaten one of these), getting cheesesteaks at Jim's, wandering around Old City and checking out the water front, randomly happening upon a house where James Madison used to live, meeting up with Aaron for dinner at Han Dynasty (only 3 hours post cheesesteak-kind of a bad idea), and getting gelato at Capogiro. Philly's been having some really magical weather lately, so it was the perfect temperature for doing a ton of walking around outside.

Can I talk about how cute Kristen's baby is without sounding like a creeper? Because that baby is CUTE. When he smiles, he opens his mouth as wide as he can, and it is super adorable. In fact, I was really baby gung-ho and sad I can't have babies because they'd probably be born with horrible birth defects due to currently working in a lab, thanks to little William, right up until Primary (Church organization for kids) on Sunday. Then that baby hunger got squashed right out of me! Whew! Good job Primary!

Anyway, it was lovely to have Kristen and co. come visit. Some of my fondest BYU memories are with Kristen (one of my favorites being the late night refashioning of the Orlando Bloom posters). In addition to being an excellent partner in breaking into boys' apartments during priesthood session sort of crime, she also has the gift of always knowing the exact right thing to say in basically every situation. No one can make you feel better than Kristen when things are not happy. Thanks for visiting, Kbob! (and for being a gem of a friend)


amanda said...

1. Ok, that sounds like such a fun weekend!!
2. William is so cute!! I only have seen pictures, but wow. I am jealous you got to see him in person!!
3. Ironically, perhaps, that is the best thing primary is good at, in our experience.
4. I'm proud to say (too vain?) that I was there for those awesome times. I really miss freshman year!!
5. Kbob is all that & more! She really is the best at listening.

Over & out.

Sara said...

Haha nothing like Primary to squelch baby hunger!

jackie said...

wait wait wait, you can't have babies?! and yes, college friends are the best. glad you had a good weekend :)

Kristen said...

You're so sweet Katie! It was a great weekend. Thanks for letting us crash at your place, making use tasty food and showing us around Philly! You're the best!

naomi said...