Monday, October 1, 2012

just missing a bow and arrow and a mockingjay pin

I have a new reason to put off getting my hair cut (yep, still haven't done it yet):

Katniss Halloween costume needs a long braid!

Aaron pointed out that we don't actually have any Halloween plans yet, but I don't care if all I'm doing is sitting at my house eating candy corn, come the 31st, I am rocking that Katniss outfit. Now all I have to do is convince Aaron to dress up with me. His current costume plan is three hole punch Jim from The Office for the second year in a row. COME ON MAN.


jackie said...

haha you rock that braid. I'd be proud of that thing if I were you. and you can come to our Halloween party if you want! I'm gonna be a fairy :)

oh, 3 hole punch Jim :)

amanda said...

I love it!!!!! And I think Dave has done three hole punch for like three years. He could be book face or David Wallace?

kylie said...

i commend you most highly for dressing up regardless of your halloween plans.