Saturday, October 27, 2012

i've never had more non-perishable food in my possession.

After last year's Hurricane Irene ended up being not much more than a missed day of church and a walk to see the swollen Schuylkill River for us, we weren't too worried about Frankenstorm Sandy. Until for no apparent reason I did get worried and two trips to grocery stores later we had a new propane tank, five cases of bottled water, flashlights, a full tank of gas, and so much canned food and boxes of cereal. (and candy corn!) I even got interviewed by a news guy at Lowe's about my hurricane preparations. It was really awkward, and now I know I have no career in television. Thank you Sandy!

On today's preparedness agenda: buy flashlights + batteries (check), bake pumpkin bread (same idea as candy corn: if we must suffer through no electricity, we might as well eat something delicious), clean the bathtub.

Tomorrow's agenda: turn the temperature down on the fridge and freezer to their lowest settings, fill up water bottles and tupperware with water and put in freezer, fill bathtub with water.

Monday's agenda: SURVIVE. 

Any awesome monster storm survival tips you have that you want to share with the Utah girl who can only deal with snow? 


amanda said...

No tips but you guys can totally survive. :)

Jody Lynn said...

I think you've got it all figured out!

ellen said...

Brace yourself. :)

I'm up in Boston and getting prepared. Must bake too!

Sara said...

I think I may have sent you that last year. Either way stay safe! Also, if you can get it, I'd grab some dry ice and stick it in your freezer (and maybe a couple in your fridge) if you have a lot of food in there you don't want to loose. I hope you guys are all right!