Saturday, January 21, 2012

so you'd like to eat in philly...

Aaron and I went out to eat last night, and I thought about chronicling our experience through photos. But you know what, I feel really awkward taking pictures of my food in restaurants. It's one thing to take pictures when you're with a bunch of friends, and it's some huge outing. If it's just me and Aaron, though, it's kind of weird. How do bloggers do it all the time?

Anyway, instead of giving you a million darkened photos of Indian food, I'm giving you a list of mine and Aaron's favorite Philadelphia eats! Wahoo! I now have six months of Philly experience, and I like food. These are my qualifications. Enjoy:

The Indian Restaurant. Yes, that's the actual name. It makes it really hard to find on google. But the food is excellent, the price is right (around $13 for an entree), and you get free rice pudding. I don't like rice pudding, but if you do, plus for you! Our favorites include chicken korma (Aaron), chicken tikka masala, and chicken makhani (Katie).

Sabrina's Cafe. Right next to the Italian Market, Sabrina's Cafe is this kind of funky delicious banana-cream cheese stuffed French toast. It's cheap ($10 entree) and cute and I really want to try everything on their brunch menu (dinner is also great).

Sugar Philly dessert truck. I have to admit I've never bought anything from them except their macarons (although I've been meaning to try their creme brulee) because they are that good. The French sandwich cookies are incredible. You can't go wrong with milk and honey, chocolate ganache, salted caramel, or chocolate hazelnut. If you're lucky, it'll be a pomegranate lemon or pistachio day and then you'll really be in heaven.

El Vez. You get what you pay for at this place. It's pretty expensive (Aaron, his mom and I spent $70 here), but it's so good. Cough up the $12 for the guacamole. You will not regret it. Also recommended: pork tacos. Delicious. It's also in a kind of fun part of town with a lot of cute little stores nearby. Only con is that it's really noisy.

Giorgio on Pine. This is an adorable little Italian restaurant with amazing Italian food. I swear I will always remember that tortelli with the tomato-basil cream sauce. And, Giorgio himself gave us free dessert (chocolate cake >>> rice pudding), so hello, I love you.

Capogiro Gelato. Proclaimed the best ice cream place in the world by National Geographic, these guys are legit. I am the champion of pairing flavors at this place, probably because everything is so delicious that it's impossible to go wrong. Winning combos include: chocolate hazelnut + pistachio (I love pistachio) or blood orange + ultra dark chocolate.

Jims. I can't believe I almost forgot this one. This is the best cheesesteak place in Philly (Tina Fey, Billy Joel, and Denzel Washington from the 80s agree with me). For the full Philly experience you'll have to get it with whiz, not pansy provolone cheese.

There you go! Are you drooling yet? Are you searching for flights on Expedia? Our guest bedroom is calling your name (but Capogiro is screaming it)!


Sara said...

That sounds like a delicious life! If the guest room is really serious we might take you up on it sometime :)

Emily said...

I just ran 18 miles and I'm really really hungry. And I really really love Philly. So basically I want to be at all of these places right now.

amanda said...

Yum. I love Philly too and want to go back. I feel cool cause I've been to one these places! Ooh I want to come.

Jody Lynn said...

guest bedroom. good food. good company. i'm sooo coming!

naomi said...

You should try Barbuzzo's. It's pricey (unless you go RIGHT THIS SECOND - restaurant week!)
Get the salted caramel budino, you won't regret it.