Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the break

Christmas break was unexpectedly really wonderful. It was so great to be with Aaron's family for Christmas and New Year's and play with our three year old niece Brooklyn and just relax. Everything was very low key, and just....healing? I think is the right word? Since Aaron started school last week, he came back to Philly, but I don't start until tomorrow, so I stayed another week with my family. That was also great. We ice skated, dance partied, made caramels, went out to eat way too many times (all my favorites that aren't in Philly: Cafe Rio, Kneaders, In-N-Out, Zupas), hung out on Temple Square, went to my dad's chem 101 class, played games, visited old friends, went shopping with my mom. Now that Jeff is off preaching away in France I finally realized that there are a lot of girls in my family (me + 3 sisters + mom). And they are the best.

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Becky said...

YEAH! Girls rule!