Monday, January 23, 2012

hiding beet sugar or cane sugar? also, everglades.

Right now I wish I had four roommates so we could get some great discussion going about tonight's Republican debate and the fact that Harrison Ford is slated to play Colonel Graff in the Ender's Game movie coming out next year! Since Aaron is buried in study materials, all I've done is posted a couple lame tweets, texted my mom, and contemplated sharing a link on facebook. I haven't felt this socially deprived since I lived in France and no one could understand me.

Tell me how excited you are for this movie/how weird Newt's hair is/how lame the questions were at the debate/why did Romney use the word self-deportation/the girl from "True Grit" is also in "Ender's Game"/the director of "Ender's Game" is also responsible for its screenplay and that X-men Wolverine movie which is a little concerning/I am soooo needy.

Or maybe I just don't feel like reading a paper for bioinorganic that's not due until Thursday anyway.


amanda said...

Bahaha. I love you. And miss that. I want to talk about these things with you. I didn't watch the debate. I will have to catch up! We have been watching xmen, funny enough. Need to re-read Enders game!!

Sara said...

So I didn't watch the debate, but I am excited for the movie! I unfortunately could see it being either great or disappointing, but for now I'm hoping for great!

Shields Word said...

The debate was awful - it started terribly and never got better. The media played right into Mitt's hand. You should see what Jon Stewart has to say Where is the link to the movie preview? I am excited. I have read the entire series except for Children of the Mind.