Thursday, October 27, 2011

the more i write, the more i think the whole premise of my proposal is flawed

You know what's a bad idea? Telling a professor that you're interested in a career in science writing when you're going to have to turn in a nice little 5 page paper of science writing and you know you're going to end up still writing it at midnight the night before.

Not my best science writing tonight, guys. Oh well, oh well! My concern for this is decreasing exponentially with time.

How's your school life been lately?


wildchild said...

haha maybe science writing isn't your thing then. i've heard that what you spend your time on when you're procrastinating is what you should be doing for a living. but in that case, mine would be eating ice cream, so that wouldn't be too good.

my school life has been crazy. i feel like these next 2 weeks are when EVERYTHING is due. i hate that! especially since my boyfriend just got home and the last thing i want to be doing is spending time apart from him, working on gay homework. ughhh.

Jody Lynn said...

I'M FREAKING STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND! have been this whole dang semester. 7ish more weeks until the end! waholahoo! but it will probably just get worse next semester...oh joy!