Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

Love, us + pumpkin Jack Skellington

(no pictures from our party because I still can't find my camera charger and I didn't want to whip out the photobooth. It's okay though, because my costume was lame (Bones from "Bones"). But, Aaron's was good (3 hole punch Jim from "The Office."))


wildchild said...

haha bones is good enough. don't worry :) and i like aaron's.

but bummer you can't find your charger! maybe use your phone next time? my phone takes crappy pictures, but ben's is fancy fancy, so it works out.

Jody Lynn said...

these pictures are great. hehe.

amanda said...

dude, bones is AWESOME! I want to see a picture NOW. Also, Dave's best costume was 3 hole punch jim. NICE choice.