Monday, October 10, 2011

i did it. i forked over $7.50 for a dang pumpkin.

Behold. The spirit of Halloween lives in our house.

I got this pumpkin last weekend somewhere in Manyunk (maybe? or a town that started with an R) on my way home from an outreach activity with PAGES (Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science). A bunch of female grad students put together some demos and hands-on experiments for 60 6th grade girls to do, and it was a blast. Those girls had so much enthusiasm! I have hope for the future now. And another sentence to add about broader impacts in my NSF essay.

Getting out of deep Philly was kind of nice, too. (Not that I don't love the city, I really do.) I saw lawns and garages and beautiful trees and hills. It's too bad the leaves haven't really turned color yet or it would have been perfect. We've had a spurt of great weather lately (mid 70's), and it's been awesome.

Aaron has tests this week, but when he finishes on Friday, we are carving that pumpkin and roasting its seeds. After that, all it'll take for me to recreate an Andrus Halloween is a hideous plastic pumpkin centerpiece with fall leaves growing out the top of it. Scary!

Edit: This is the crazy centerpiece. Posted by my mom on Facebook this morning.
Does anyone have any great sugar cookie recipes? My chemistry friends and I are baking 118 sugar cookies to make the periodic table this weekend, and we want it to be a delicious experience.

Happy Monday!


amanda said...

wow..I can't believe a pumpkin cost that much! (though I don't know what it is

I saw a chocolate sugar cookie recipe on our best bites that looked amazing. I guess that may not work but...creativity??

Sara said...

This is seriously the best sugar cookie recipe I've tried. It rolls out and bakes very flat (make sure you plan at least an hour to refrigerate the dough, as with any sugar cookie). If you want more of a traditional sugar cookie taste you can skip the lemon zest, but it's nice for some extra flavor. These are seriously delicious! You should definitely post pictures when you guys make the periodic table!

wildchild said...

dude 7.50 for a pumpkin? woah. but roasting seeds is one of my favorite parts about fall :) we used to do it all the time when i was a kid. good luck waiting till friday!

Becky said...

OH NO not the pumpkin center piece! It's not out on the table yet. Hopefully mom doesn't read this post. If she does she'll run straight to the basement and pull that puppy out. That is whats really SCARY!

Diane said...

What do you mean "it's not out yet?" Of course it's out! It's October