Monday, October 4, 2010


i get scared that i will end up as one of those moms who refuses to get out of bed and just sleeps all day and lets the laundry pile up and the kids be neglected.

or maybe i'm really just scared that i will either a. not get into grad school or b. (even worse, in my opinion) i will get into grad school and then realize i'm in way over my head and the admissions committee will realize that i sure fooled them and then they'll flunk me and i'll sink into a depression and never do anything productive with my life. 
it's things like products that don't dissolve and incorrectly done columns that make you (and by you i mean me) think such things.


Lyss said...

whatever katie.

The Kelly's said...

columns schmolumns... don't let 227 (or the thought that you won't get into grad schools.. comeeee on katie! you're genius material! :) ) ggettt you down! You rock.

Jen said...

And sometimes you find yourself depressed, and that's okay, too. I've become more open about it these days (mostly thanks to an ex boyfriend who told EVERYONE), but let me just say this - you are capable of so much. And if you ever find yourself scared, enjoy that feeling. Because it means that there's something wonderful you know you can achieve. And if you ever find yourself unable to get out of bed, well...give me a call and I'll tell you how I did it.

Ashlan said...

Katie, you're freaking superwoman. You'll be amazing at every one of those things you want to do--when you want to do them.

Becky said...

Who cares about school BABIES is where its at.