Sunday, October 31, 2010

caramel apples

On bad days I like to pull on my warmups and remember that one time I was a Blackpool champion.

(oops, closed my eyes in this shot)

What a seriously awesome summer I had.

Today I was talking with my relief society president, and she asked me what my goals were. And I realized that in the span of three months I'd sort of accomplished every major goal I've had since 5th grade:

Win at Blackpool
Live in France
Get engaged (eventually married in 50 days!!)

So...I'm a pretty lucky girl I guess. And even on days when I cry all through inorganic because of disappointing test scores I've got the best fiancé ever to put me back together and then spend Friday night helping me study for Saturday's test.

Lucky lucky lucky.


amanda/dave said...

that is pretty sweet!

Suzy said...

sounds like you've found quite a winner. It's so great to have a best friend - and be married to him. And to have the assurance that he's not going anywhere, no matter how weepy or stressed-out you may be. :)

Kimkidoni said...

I remember you planning all of those goals, and it's so awesome that you accomplished them! Go you!

kara lynn said...

really that is amazing. that makes me so happy. you've had these goals for ages. and bam. after so much work and patience... now maybe it can get some goals accomplished!