Monday, February 18, 2008

I hope you appreciate the effort it took to write this blog. I'm currently wearing cat woman-like nails.

Last weekend I traveled to California with the tour team to go to the California Open. It was a much-needed break and self esteem booster. The weather was phenomenal compared to the weather back home. I wore shorts! Real-life shorts! And I swam in the ocean! (Granted, the water was freezing and my legs were numb, but still, it was amazing.) We played ultimate frisbee on the beach, went window shopping through all the little beach front stores, and had a hand dipped corndog and fresh was perfect. And I got to compete against the Russians finally, and I beat some of them! I made the youth latin final and got to be announced and walk down the red carpet to the dance floor. And I didn't even get last place either! Ahhhh it was so fun. And then we made the amateur standard final too, which was awesome seeing as we hadn't practiced standard at all that week. I got to watch Johnathan and Hazel dance. Oh my goodness, they were incredible. Their foxtrot was so effortless, and her beautiful. I am uber jealous. Anyway, I have lots more to stay on all of this, but I have to wake up far too early tomorrow for team, so I am ending this post now. :P

P.S. New Life Goal:
I'm going to live in California at least once, and also somewhere on the east coast.

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Ashlynn said...

yay! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! (Jealous too, since you got to be WARM without eight layers of clothing. :P Haha.) I'm so glad you had a good time. And you sound like yourself again!! :D Yay! Katie the Amazing Ballroom Dancer! :)