Monday, February 25, 2008

"all things are delicately interconnected"

I told myself I wouldn't read any of the blogs with this same title until I had written one of my own. And I was getting rather impatient because several of you have written your blog and I really want to read them so here's mine:

High school is to me a slurpee and an old-fashioned Krispy Kreme donut from Common Cents, sitting in the open trunk of Jordan's jeep parked on the Indiana Jones hill, doing chemistry problems in Mrs. Snow's room at lunch, the smell of fake tan, rhinestone glue, and Aura lavender freezing hairspray, kissing cars with bright red lipstick, sitting at "the cool table", rebelling against "the cool table", and then sitting back at "the cool table" again. It's AP tests in the cafeteria, and dances in the gym, and sitting on the stairs signing yearbooks. It's mechanical pencils that slowly run out of lead and 10 cent notebooks that slowly fill up with notes. It's figuring out who you are and what you wanted out of life (nevermind the fact you would get to college and realize you were probably wrong about both). It's speaking French in Nate's car with Kim knowing he couldn't speak a word, scavenger hunting around the neighborhood sticking our toes in the canal and asking if we can borrow an elevator. It's sledding on Oak Canyon's hill, exchanging books (well, mostly just borrowing all of Alyssa's), perfecting the art of flipping a tube with Amanda in the wave pool at Seven Peaks without getting caught . It's scripture studies on select Sunday nights, and spring break in California, and choir tour in Chicago.

It ends with graduation, speaking, tears, shopping at IKEA for strainers and curtains, nothing sinking in until it's the day before Jody and Kim are leaving for Utah State, and you're sobbing-not just crying, you are gasping for breath and heaving trying to control yourself-on your porch because for the first time you realize that life is never going to be quite the same. High school is over. It's now just a delicate string of memories, a seemingly unconnected conglomeration of people, smells, and activities that are only significant to me. All things are delicately interconnected, if only in our minds.

Now if that wasn't emo enough for you...go listen to Green Day or something. :)
And PS, I love college. I'm not sitting here pining away for high school; I just miss the SA girls. beaucoup.


Amanda said...

That was beautiful! I want to write something like that. (so don't get mad if I copy and write something like that)

Jody Lynn said...

P.S. I miss the S.A. Girls too. College is great, but I will always cherish those memories with my girlfriends. You gals are great!

Ashlynn said...

Wow Katie. That WAS beautiful! :) Absolutely wonderful. And yeah, I miss the SA Girls too. :(

Alyssa said...

Go SA Girls! Thankyou Katie. I loved reading this and remembering all of those great memories. :)

Kim Allred said...

I've decided to go back and read all of your blog posts and this one made me super nostalgic and sad. I miss all of you SA girls so much. Sometimes it's kind of hard being without you guys up here. I miss always knowing what's going on in your lives and what you're thinking.