Saturday, July 9, 2016

playing favorites

I have three things to tell you about that I am loving lately:

1) These sandals from Target. I actually bought them last summer for our trip to Mexico and then proceeded to wear them out completely. So I bought another pair of the exact same shoe this year because I love them that much. These bad boys have been well-tested for comfort with my mile and a half walk back and forth to school every day, and they pass with flying colors. They are hands down the most comfortable shoes I own.

2) The Belgian rapper (?) electronic artist (?) Stromae. I mean, look at those cheekbones! That raised eyebrow! Don't you just want to sit and listen to everything he's ever created? While American rappers are rapping about money, drugs, and treating women deplorably, Stromae's over in classy Europe rapping about absent fathers, cancer, and the dangers of social media. He is AWESOME. If you don't believe me, you should believe Madonna and Kayne West, both of whom fully endorse Stromae. I recommend: Papaoutai, Ta Fête, and Alors On Danse

3) MUSE. Randomly, Aaron and I rediscovered them a couple months ago and we. are. obsessed. Besides Stromae, they are all I want to listen to. My poor lab mates have borne the brunt of this with me playing mostly just Muse in lab all day, every day. #sorrynotsorry is really a perfect descriptor here. We are so sad that this obsession couldn't have come up 7 months ago so we could've gone to their Philly concert in January. Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait until the next time they go on tour. wahhhhh. I recommend:

If you have anything else I should be listening to, lemme know. My lab mates will appreciate it. 


Lydia said...

Yes! Stromae is super cool!

Kimkidoni said...

Ooh, I'm intrigued by this Stromae fellow. I will give him a listen. I also love Muse! So I have two random recommendations that you might not like at all, but let's just see. Dr. Dog and Tame Impala.

amanda said...

I love a good target sandal. And I will have to check out that rapper. And MUSE. Love. I went to a concert years ago and their clear phono was the coolest.

kyliebrooke|s said...

you always have such quality recommendations - books, music, fashion, food, etc. Just all so good.

K Puls said...

@Lydia I should've known you'd know Stromae! He's like the very definition of cool.

@Kim ooh I like them both! Thanks for adding some variety to my lab DJ'ing!

@Amanda I forgot you went to that concert! Ughh what was my younger self thinking, not going with you??? So disappointed in myself.

@Kylie you are too kind! <3