Thursday, February 28, 2013

i also love birthdays and mine is on sunday!

I wasn't sure how to write a list of things I love without being semi-boring. Obviously I love Aaron, and I love my family, and I love my friends, and usually I love chemistry. So here's a list of things that maybe you didn't know I love instead?

sparkly nail polish (used sparingly because removing sparkly nail polish is horrible, unless you use pure acetone...which I've never taken enough advantage of in my lab...hmmm)

wandering around Center City by myself on Saturdays (weird?)

Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon

tiny stirbars in lab that are the size of grains of rice (I hoard them in my drawer)

bright bright pink Cy3 dye and bright bright blue Cy5 dye (used to fluorescently label my protein)

taking care of my cast iron skillet (also probably weird. but no babies or puppies around here, so I have to take care of something. It might as well be a skillet.)

Tell me what you love! It will make me happy.

Cy3 dye. I love you and your fabulous pinkness.


amanda said...

Love that pink! I also love sparkly nail polish but I can't seem to give myself a decent manicure these days. Hmm these days I love parks and rec, my new planner (I don't think I've had a real one since school!), walks on warmish cloudy Portland days and of course sam.

Kristen said...

Who knew chemistry could be so pretty and I love what you wrote about your cast iron skillet. I love freshly organized drawers/cupboards, William's giggles, sifting through junk at thrift stores and cute shoes.

Linda Flores said...

haha I love that you're substituting a skillet for babies/pets. They'll come soon enough, I'm sure ;)

Some things I love: sunflowers, water fountains (big ones, not ones you drink out of), cha cha music, blackberries, good long hugs, sleeping in, meaningful deep conversations, and Cheezits.

...and lotsa other stuff. Thanks for sharing!