Saturday, March 5, 2011

wrapped right around my melon

Thank goodness for headbands.

You know what I really hate? Waking up and taking a shower and thinking to yourself, "Oh, I don't need to wash my hair today, I washed it yesterday!" And then getting out and realizing that, yes, yes you did need to wash your hair because it is incredibly greasy. You start asking yourself, How come I can't go two days without washing my hair anymore?! Did I run my fingers through it too many times yesterday because I was so proud of myself for straightening my hair for the first time this week and it was so clean and wonderful? This is all running through my head as I try to fight the urge to wash my hair in the sink this morning. And then, I realize, hey, I have a wide headband sitting in a drawer somewhere. And that will fix everything.

It did. Let it be known that today was the first day in a long time that the world has seen my forehead, bang-free.
Praise be unto headbands for masking greasy hair.

(I would almost feel really silly about writing an entire post on this, but then I think of Rachel writing an entire lame song about headbands, and I don't feel as dumb. Yay Glee!)


amanda/dave said...

haha! dude, today I wanted to not wash my hair but it was getting greasy...I can't go a whole day w/o it being less than appealing. I don't know what to do! hide for a week while I train my hair? dry shampoo is what I'm thinking...

The Kelly's said...

Amen, sister! Those were my exact thoughts in the shower yesterday... and my exact reason for wearing a headband. I love them.

ps. Amanda, I TOTALLY recommend dry shampoo. I often feel like I'm consuming terrible stuff when I spray it, but it is AMAZING!

Suzy said...

and I didn't even notice. :D This week I wore a BANDANNA b/c my hair was greasy. (It was at least folded so it kinda looked like a headband...) Anyway, at least you haven't stooped that low...

And you're not the only one who straightens their hair every once in a blue moon...maybe that's why we're friends :)

Camilla Belle said...
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Camilla Belle said...

Hahaha. When I cut my hair, Steve reminded me, "You're not going to be able to pull it back anymore. You'll always have to do it, are you sure you want to?"
And, of course, I said I was, and I chopped it off.
And now, every morning I realize that was a very stupid decision, because I hate doing my hair, and washing my hair every day.
I'm thinking... extensions?

And as to "The Kelly's" comment: I've never heard of dry shampoo. That sounds pretty freaking amazing though!