Tuesday, March 1, 2011

today's color palette: ripe lemon and plum, with a hint of metallic




Isn't that plum purple on the second photo beautiful? And the shine on that third photo! I'm telling you, I spend 6 hours a week in Chem 518 making glitter.

At the end of the semester I'm going to line up all of my little vials of compounds I've made in the order of the rainbow and take a picture and it will be so beautiful I won't be able to stop typing really long sentences with way too many clauses and too few commas.

In case you're curious, that little football shaped thing in the second and third photo is a magnetic stir..egg..I guess you could call it. We put it in the beaker with all of your starting materials on top of a magnetic stir plate so that your reaction solution gets stirred! Pretty cool.

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