Thursday, February 24, 2011

cheese please.

For my birthday (a week from today!), I would like Utah to stop selling gruyère and emmental cheese for $9 per 5"x5" square, so that I could make some decent savory crepes with the crepe cookbook Kristen sent me.

Someone could arrange that, right? Just for one day?


(although even if i did have awesome cheese, the crepes would probably turn out terrible anyway, because ever since me and aaron got married, my cooking skills have decayed the past week i've tried making macaroni and cheese, molta lava cakes, chocolate sugar cookies, nutella cupcakes, and white bean chili, and none! none of them have turned out nicely. grrrrr.)
HOW DO YOU RUIN NUTELLA CUPCAKES?! how can you go wrong with butter + sugar + flour + nutella + nutella cream cheese frosting?! 
bake them way too long, and don't bother mixing your frosting long enough so you have little cream cheese chunks everywhere.
that's how.


ellen said...

Never going to happen. You're going to have to Leave The State.

Oh, and happy birthday!

Lydia said...

Tell me about it... Although I found a really good cheese that works well as a substitute, it has great flavor: "Dubliner". Although I don't think it's any cheaper so I guess that doesn't help you much!

Suzy said...

those weeks of cooking/baking failures are the worst. maybe take a little time off baking - such as eating quesadillas for dinner every night... - and then you'll be back in the groove, no sweat.

Corey laments about the price of cheese too. We only ever buy cheddar these days.

Kristen said...

Greg and I share your longing for cheaper cheese. Often Greg remarks that he'll know we've arrived when we can buy good cheese for more than special occasions. Apparently having good cheese in the fridge equates to success in life. It must be a French thing. :-) I hope the cheese gods will smile down on you for your birthday with a cheese sale.