Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i'm a senior in a freshman class. don't worry, i love it.

Aaron and I are starting to think that the whole American Heritage (me) and Econ 110 (him) are soooo hard!!! thing is just a myth perpetuated by bitter freshmen. Maybe it's just because it's the second week of the semester. Or the fact that it felt like EFY when my professor asked a couple students to come up to the front of the class (of 300+ freshmen) and tell us all their dreams and goals ("solve the energy crisis! go on a mission! get married! have a family!"). Or the fact that the reading required for last week's lecture was a grand total of six pages. SIX PAGES. Shall we compare that to my biochem reading for last Friday? We shall. Five chapters of skimming and one chapter of in-depth reading. That brings us to a total of 116 pages.

I'm sure things will get more difficult. But sometimes I just think after surviving all of my chemistry classes that nothing else will seem hard.

Here's an update on mine and Aaron's plans for the next year:
He's already been accepted into Washington University in St. Louis, and we're waiting to hear back from U Penn in Philadelphia. We're pretty much set on going to one of those two schools. I've applied to the chemistry PhD program at Wash U and Penn, as well as the master's in teaching program at Wash U.

It's weird actually, because by the time June rolls around I will have accomplished every major life goal I've ever had,* and I sort of don't know what to do with myself after that. Get a PhD (if that's what I end up deciding I actually want to do). Have kids. And make sure they're good kids. That's about all I've got. Maybe I'll take up wake kiting or something (right, Jody?)

Thoughts? On American Heritage, adding to your bucket list, or life in general?

*These include:
winning at Blackpool
living in France
getting married
graduating from college


Laura C said...

I loved American Heritage. I didn't think it was super easy, but I loved the material and the professor I had (Patterson).

Let me know if you need any help :)

amanda/dave said...

I loved my american heritage class. It wasn't a breeze, but it was way easier than pdbio 305 or something!

that is super cool about your goals. i'm proud! good luck with applications and such!

kylie said...

katie, i honestly think you're a total rockstar because you do awesome things.
also, american heritage. whatever. you'll rock it like you do everything else.

Jody Lynn said...

OH MY YES WAKE SKATING! (I'm not sure if that's the correct word for it - wake skating, but we'll go with that for now.) Go get that PhD and master's in teaching! You'll rock it.

And we can do a little wake skating on the side...hehe

Jody Lynn said...

p.s. i meant to say wake kiting. ha!

Kimkidoni said...

Katie, you are so awesome for completing all of your goals!! I think that more goals will come as you just move along with life. You'll experience new things, which will expose you to new ideas about things that you can do.

vishal gaur said...

awesome :)