Thursday, June 18, 2009


and on a happier note, can I just say that I absolutely love these letters?

Like, I wish I had written these:


Deconstruct: what you think you know about life and love.
I´m slipping through your fingers like sand. Please, Please, Please… Tighten your grip.

— anonymous


Waiting for us is like waiting for a 9 in minesweeper. I’m not sure if I will ever get it, but something tells me if I spend enough time, avoid all the right mines … I’ll find you.

— M, the geek

Simply adorable.


brown eyed girl said...

those are adorable! Such a cute idea.

Also. I know what you mean about waiting for your life to start. And about dying to go to Europe, and hoping I will make it there.

We will. Even if we have to wait. And the waiting will be worth it because of the something (or someone) that is keeping us here.

Jody Lynn said...

i love the "letters to crushes" blog...most definitely.

and you will make it to europe one day katie. if it's a dream, you'll make it a reality.