Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Le Bonheur

Do you ever have one of those days when you notice all of these little sparks of happiness throughout the day? Today was one of those days. I think they were meant to be a buffer against the math test that I just took...

I got a free smoothie/yogurt/granola breakfast thing at Jamba Juice this morning.
There was a 4 x 6 ish photo of Bradley and me dancing in the school paper today...random, I know...
Dr. Woodfield asked me if I still wanted to work in his lab starting spring semester, because they're planning on me being there. (summer job search is over!!)
A complete stranger told me my hair was cute on my way to French.



Alyssa said...

lucky! i love days like that...im jealous. :D


p.s. your hair is always cute by the way ;)

Jody Lynn said...

I wish I would have one of those days. It's been a long time. Alyssa's right about your hair. ;)