Thursday, January 22, 2015



Now that January is nearly over, let's jump right in and talk about Christmas in a series of paragraphs with zero well-written transitions:

We spent a couple of weeks in Utah visiting family, plus a night in Vegas seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and eating amazing steak. There was so much good food and laser tag, nerf gun wars, and little nieces. Also, catching up with old friends, "working out at the rec center", game playing, book reading, movie watching, and ukulele learning. Plus, watching my brother's rock band crush it at a battle of the bands. And! We saw the Hoover Dam, how about that? 

To elaborate on a few of those topics: 

I'm now obsessed with Brandon Sanderson books after reading The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. I'm currently working my way through the Mistborn books (currently on The Well of Ascension and I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. It's causing some strain on my marriage. Sorry Aaron.). Can someone else please read all of these books and then come to my house so we can talk about how much we like Kaladin and Vin and wish we were surgebinders or allomancers? Also related to reading, I read Amy Poehler's book (thank you thank you Amanda!), and I liked it! Have you read it? 

Abby (my youngest sister) taught me how to play the ukulele, and although I sound very plunky, it was super fun. I want a ukulele for my birthday now so I can sing and play all the Ingrid Michaelson songs I want (which will also probably cause marital problems). 

We got to meet our newest niece Bailee and also got to go to her baby blessing, which was neat. She is so precious and tiny. Our other nieces Brook and Brielle kept us very entertained with plenty of games and Taylor Swift dance parties ("shaky off!"). 

Aaron and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by trying a new restaurant before we left on vacation, Little Nonna's. It's owned by the same people/has the same head chef as one of our other favorites (Barbuzzo), and it was excellent. But the best part was they gave us not one, not two, but THREE free desserts for enduring sitting near the door. We didn't even complain, the hostess just walked over and said, "Thanks for dealing with the cold! Dessert's on us!" That's one way to make sure we will love you forever and come back. So go to Little Nonna's if you're ever in Philly, for the best meatballs of your life and fantastic service. 

I fell asleep while watching The Hobbit #3.

We got an immersion blender for Christmas, and it is slowly changing my life. Things like homemade refried beans and pureed soups no longer seem impossibly inconvenient to make because I don't have to pull out a massive blender from the top shelf of my cabinet and deal with cleaning all the pieces afterward. Hallelujah! 


Brielle wasn't sure this photo was something she wanted to participate in.

LASERTAG! My favorite of all active activities. 

Hoover Dam!

Thanks to our families for the gifts and making our trip wonderful! How was your break? Are you going to start reading all of Brandon Sanderson's books now? Have you already?! Are you a ukulele superstar? I want to know! 


amanda said... excited for a post! Not nearly enough pictures, but fine. :)

And 1. yes I totally am 2. no, but my sister got a ukulele for her birthday and I think that would be awesome to hear you play ingrid.

Hilarious about the "marital strain". (you know, cry laugh smiley)

And you'll have to tell me more about these books and we can talk about amy p.

And in that last picture you look gorgeous!! And second to last: just plain awesome. the first one is so sweet. (I don't know why I didn't start talking about 1 first)

Kimkidoni said...

I will always talk about Brandon Sanderson books with you! I have almost read all of them. Funny story, I saw a panel with him before I had ever read any of his books and could have cared less. Now I would die for the chance to go to a panel of his, and it has yet to happen. Oh well.

Lyss said...

So I literally just started the first of the Mistborn series this morning. Josh recommended them to me and bought them for me because he insisted that I read them because he knows I will love them. Once I get all caught up we will most definitely have to chat about them!

Loved Amy Poehlers it last year and cracked up from basically every page.

I am so happy for the update! I have missed hearing from you. I am also sad that I missed seeing you while you were in Utah but happy I got to chat with you Kim and Jody for a little bit on the phone!