Saturday, September 13, 2014

a little party never killed nobody

Oh my poor, neglected blog. Someday I will stop doing travel itineraries and actually write something substantial, but today is not that day!

My sister Becky got married this August, and I got to fly out to Utah for it. I decided having siblings (or siblings-in-law in the case of my sister-in-law Rachel from last year) get married is kind of a weird feeling. A happy feeling, of course, but also a little bit like, hey! that is my family member and  I'm not so sure I want to share her with this other family. I imagine it's worse when it's your own kid. (Or maybe you're just really relieved they found someone to marry...okay, I don't know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, I really, really like Becky's husband and his family, but still. Family weddings seem to give me a weird mix of happiness/nostalgia/slight sense of loss.

Mostly though, this wedding was just a lot of fun.

There were gumballs in the bouquet and men in bow ties and cookies and milk at the reception and massive dance partying and striped paper straws and a giant gold sequin backdrop! AND a Tribe/Andrus family band performance complete with backup dancers! AND a twitter hastag! #beckyandstew

Despite whatever initial weirdly possessive wedding feelings I had, I couldn't be happier for these guys. They are a perfect fit and are probably the most fun couple to hang out with in the whole world. I wish they were my neighbors so we could dance party every night or maybe make some grilled cheeses.

Congratulations, Becky and Stewart!


amanda said...

They are sooo cute.

Megan Hutchings said...

I totally get the conflicted feelings when family members get married. I sort of remember feeling that way when my sister was born too though. Like, "Hey you, you're my sister and I love you so much!" but at the same time thinking, "Excuse me, those are MY parents." Of course now I love her, my uncles, and sister-in-law and couldn't imagine them not being part of my family. I don't mind sharing any more either.

kylie said...

uhhhhh they are the cutest and i'm dying over their fashion particularly her short dress. SOOOO CUTE.

also, i get the possessive thing, but not to the extreme of marriage...just dating my sisters and i'm like BRO STEP BACK.

Crystal said...

whoa looks (and sounds) like such a fun fabulous wedding!! I just stumbled on your blog and your 'about' made me smile ; )