Saturday, May 10, 2014

life elevated

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Utah for my grandpa's wedding. It was WONDERFUL. Here's why:

corn dogs and waffles bought from trucks, and also winning a water bottle and socks from a raffle while in line at said trucks

free hipster zebra Provo City-promoting t-shirts at the Rooftop Concert

hanging with Kellie and my mustache-waxed brother at aforementioned concert (not wonderful: SAMMY'S. Ugh, Provo, why do you like this place?)

seeing my aunt kill it at Women's Conference with an awesome talk that made everyone laugh and cry and laugh some more. I'm still pondering what she taught a week later.

eating good Mexican food

playing games at the park with the whole fam + bonus Tribe boys!

fantastic sandwich with delicious barbecue sauce at Cubby's

going on morning walks with my mom

reading Divergent and Insurgent (I like, mostly. We should talk about this.)

Nickelcade with my in-laws and seeing my little nieces. Brielle can say my name! I will be forever known as "Cakies" now.

chatting with some of my oldest and dearest friends, Kim and Jody

final night Rummikub-a-thon and sleepover with all my sisters

and of course, the main event, my reason for going to Utah: my grandpa's wedding. He played the piano (which he happens to be unbelievably good at) while serenading his new bride (I'm not sure that I have ever heard him sing before in my life and it was fantastic).

Oh, did you want to see some photos? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Brielle! We had a good time playing some skeeball.

 Bubbles at the park: fun for two year olds and twenty-three year olds

 Nice form, Jen. That's some quality boules playing.

 Rummikub's not fair.

 Eat at Cubby's, not at Sammy's.

 Keeping it classy by matchy matching.

Grandpa is married!


amanda said...

Sounds amazing!! I want to try a bunch of places that came to Provo after we left. But, we went to cubby' last year and I agree, it was so good. Also, I want to hear details of that talk! And Arg, I thought i had finally gotten the audio version of divergent but it was a format I couldn't open? So sad. I want to read it already. Love all those things though. Glad you had a great time. And that dress! Details?

Kimkidoni said...

It was great to see you too!

kylie said...

i agree with amanda - you look fantastic in that dress.
also, sammy's is NOT THAT GOOD. thank you. people look at me like i'm swearing when i say that. what did you get a cubby's?

wendy said...

<3 this! & I especially LOVED seeing you!