Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A month ago tomorrow I turned 25 years old. Aaron made me a homemade dinner of tortellini (filled with homemade ricotta) and a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which I insisted on decorating (tall candles! flaky gray salt rim!). 

My birthday was right in the middle of a really not fun grad school time at the end of a really long horrible winter, so minus Aaron's awesome dinner celebrations, it kind of sucked. The good thing about birthdays, though, is that I can try again next year. Surprise laser tag dance party, I'm making it happen.


amanda said...

boo! I'm sad to hear it sucked other than the food, which sounds amazing. I hope you at least bought some good presents!!

We should catch up sometime! It's been a few months since our last call, which is our worst gap in a while :)

kylie said...

amanda is right - the food sounds like it was amazing. here's to a happy 25!

Lyss said...

Yay for being 25! Sad to hear that the birthday wasn't to glamorous...but happy that you had some tall candles on a beautiful cake!

I love you and miss you!