Tuesday, October 15, 2013

bienvenue aux états-unis, elder!

My younger brother, Jeff got home from his two year mission to France a few weeks ago, and I got to fly home to see him (thank you Mom and Dad!). It's weird and great to have him back. 

It's interesting to me how your relationships with your family change as you get older. When I go home, I kind of mostly want to see them instead of trying to fit in social events with every friend I ever had at BYU. I'm starting to realize that my siblings are really awesome in a not-just-because-you're-my-sibling way, and I want to hang out with them as peers rather than as my younger brother and sisters.

Too bad I'm figuring this out after I moved 2,000 miles away. I guess there's always Christmas vacation, right?

Sunday smores wearing sandals and socks. We love a good alliteration.


Kristen said...

I love grown up siblings. And yes, it is sad that when you actually want to hang out with family everyone is spread here and there. Glad you had a great visit!

wendy said...

:) Love your post!! & I sure do love you!