Sunday, September 1, 2013

sasha in philly 3.0

A few weekends ago my cousin Sasha came and visited me again. We had a lovely time getting brunch at Ants Pants cafe (raspberry dark chocolate French toast oh my), doing a bit of shopping, getting cheesesteaks at John's Roast Pork (new favorite cheesesteak!), making snickerdoodles and pesto chicken pizza, nail painting, and lots of watching old "New Girl" episodes. 

None of our immediate family live anywhere near the East Coast, so it's nice to have Sasha only a one hour plane ride away. Thanks for visiting Sash! 


amanda said...

So fun!! That food sounds amazing!

Jenny said...

So happy that Sasha could visit. Hoping that you inspired her to try cooking! How about a visit to Boston? I'll be there in October and again in November for TG.