Saturday, March 23, 2013

march madness commercials are pretty great

Aaron finished his shelf exams yesterday, and we are so happy. It's been an absolutely lovely Saturday with those out of the way. Today we cleaned the church, cleaned our shower (East Coast mold is the worst), went grocery shopping, bought shoes for Aaron, got bagels at Spread (so good-you should have one), and watched a lot of basketball.

Tonight we will keep "watching" basketball and also make risotto. I have watching in quotes because I will actually be working on preparing for my candidacy exam/getting distracted by pinterest. Speaking of basketball, though, I'm really proud of the fact that I'm currently winning the Elder's Quorum bracket. Especially because it's the first time I remember filling one out. YEAH TAKE THAT BOYS.

Also...go Duke!

The end.


amanda said...

Awesome! And good luck with your preparations AND march madness. I know you're a closet bball fanatic. Also, west coast mold sucks too. I HATE ALL THE MOLD.

Kristen said...

East Coast mold is the worst. Hurray for risotto, winning basketball brackets, pinterest and Aaron having a little break from school!