Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The bad news is...

someone stole our recycling bin (it has our address written on it in big letter/numbers so...),
we found out we live a block away from a methadone clinic,
the one thing I thought was successful about my research for the past 2.5 months is actually a failure.

The good news is...

I parallel parked for the 3rd time!
There is an excessive amount of cheese in my fridge!
Sara and Kyle are coming to visit on Saturday!

And thus my abuse of exclamation marks continues.


amanda said...

The good news is great! I'm sorry about the other three. At least people who go to a methadone clinic are people who want help and are then in a normal state of mind due to the slower-releasing drug and not crazy crazy addicts?? But still, one block away is a little close!!

have fun this weekend!

amanda said...

and sorry about your research!! that stinks.

Sara said...

Who steals a recycle bin? But I'm excited about the opposites!