Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is what my first week of grad school looked like:

Diet Coke, gummy bears, too much o chem
This is what my surviving-first-week-of-grad-school and way-to-go-on-getting-that-cake-stand-today-at-Pier-1-with-wedding-gift-cards cake looks like: 

wilton skills = totally out the window
Aaron's first set of tests are next week, so we haven't been too exciting this weekend. But last weekend, what a thrill! We blew half of our budgeted fun money on a great Italian restaurant (Giorgio on Pine, if you're ever in the area) and going to lunch with Aaron's med school learning team at a delicious Indian restaurant (the name of which I sadly can't remember). We also watched the BYU game with some fellow alumni and then decided we need to get cable so that people can come over to our house and watch games and be our friends.

What's your weekend been like?


amanda said...

DUDE!! ok, way to go on your first week! but that cake! and cake stand! sooo jealous. i really like that style of decorating; i'm going to try it next time. and yum!

Sara said...

I agree with Amanda! It's an awesome cake! Also, good luck with your crazy grad school!

wildchild said...

ooh look at that pretty cake stand. my weekend's been a bunch o fun, but now i need to crack down and do some dumb homework. after a nap and a family birthday party :)

Camilla Belle said...

Love the cake stand! I want that cake too. Make me one? ;)